Gardening Club




HGC was formed in December 1992 and enjoyed a Silver Celebration, a little late, in March 2018.  As well as providing talks, outings and social events for its members and their guests the Club has, throughout its life, organised an Annual Show, held in the Village Hall and, every two to three years, Hundon Open Gardens for the benefit of (mainly) local good causes.  More recently HGC members have begun taking on small community-facing projects around the Village Hall and shop, (funded by the Village Hall & Shop Committees) re-planting containers and reclaiming a well-established “thistle plot”.  An annual “Spud-in-a-Bucket” competition was introduced in 2017 and extended to include a separate Under 16’s competition in 2018.  2018 also saw our first excursion into the world of calendars.  A photographic competition was held to produce pictures for a 2019 calendar which now adorns 50 walls around the village and beyond.


The ongoing main aims of HGC are to provide talks, presentations, demonstrations and social events in the Village Hall, visits to gardens and other places of interest to the members.  Alongside this the Club continues to organise Annual Shows and Open Garden events for the benefit of both Club members and the wider community.  A slightly larger community-facing project planned for 2019 (funded by the Village Hall) is to plant a range of indigenous species bulbs and corms in the grassed area between the Village Hall car park and the road.  The HGC entry to the Hundon Church Christmas Tree Festival has now been planted in that same grassed area and will, hopefully, in years to come become a focal point as a dressed Christmas tree.


An HGC Growers Group was started at the end of 2018.  Around 20% of members have joined this group so far. We have taken on a plot in the Rogeron Trust allotment field which is now in preparation for what is hoped will be a successful first year.


This thriving, very active and friendly Club is always open to new members.



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12 January Winter meal & entertainment from Charlie Haylock
21 February Food & Wine matching with Chris Burford (a repeat of 2017 by member requests)
21 March Dr Richard Jennaway talks about his work as a plant breeder
March Pasque Flower walk, Newmarket
April visit to Suffolk Wildlife Trust property to see Snakes Head Fritillary
27 April Bob Flowerdew talk “No Work Gardening” This will be the first joint venture of HGC & Co-Horts (the Horticultural Societies of Cavendish, Clare and Wickhambrook.
16 May Neil Dickinson talks about butterflies and their role in the garden
May visit to “Two Cottages” garden at Saffron Walden
23 June Hundon Open Gardens and Craft Fair
18 July David Smale, a saffron farmer “Reviving the tradition of growing saffron in Saffron Walden”
July visit to Tiptree Jams, includes Visitor Centre, Museum and Tea Room. Stopping off at Perrywood Garden Centre on the way home.
July Spud-in-a-Bucket harvest and (weather permitting) bring your own picnic.
August visit to East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden, Norfolk. Details to be decided.
8 September

Annual Hundon Show        *** view the 2019 schedule here ***

20 September return visit from Kim Osborn, this time the influence of wheat on baking cakes.
17 October Karen Kenny talks about friends and foes in the garden.
October All things Pumpkin
October Fungi Foray with Jonathan Revett (a repeat of 2018 by member requests)
21 November Graeme Proctor, pruning fruit trees (predominantly apple) talk and demonstration.
January 2020 Winter Meal & entertainment
February 2020 AGM with buffet.


Committee roles and contact details:

Chair - Graham 01440 787888 for membership or ticketing enquiries
Club Secretary – vacant
Treasurer - Linda 01440 707374 
Events Secretary - Janet 01440 786554 for more information about any of the events in the programme. 
Open Gardens Secretary - Julie 01440 786500 for enquiries about Open Gardens and Craft Fair 2019
Show Secretary – vacant
Co-Opt 1 - John 01440 786274 for Spud-in-a-Bucket
Co-Opt 2 – Chris Burford 01440 786248 -
Co-Opt 3 – vacant